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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Finishline is in Sight

As the end of the semester approaches, the finish line is in sight. I'm so excited for the end of the semester, it's pretty much ridiculous. This year has flown by and I can't wait to put the mental stamp 'DONE' on my sophomore year of college and first year as an interior design student.

Along with the end of the semester come many, many end of the semester projects, exams, etc. For me, I'm great at projects. I'm usually pretty good at time management, and yeah, sometimes I procrastinate, but in the end I always power through. (They're not kidding about all-nighters in college.) Tests and exams on the other hand... those aren't a strength of mine. Usually, I kind of let the self-fulfilling prophecy effect set in and I prepare minimally for exams and tests, but this time will be different! I've been making flashcards like it's my job and I review my lecture notes often. I can see it making a difference already, and I might go as far as to say I'm kind of excited to take my finals.

photo.jpegHere's the breakdown of what's on my plate...
Fundamentals of Management (MGMT3001): one more group project/presentation, final exam
Multichannel Retailing (RM2215): another group project/presentation, group essay, final exam
Interior Design Studio (IDES1602): final project parts one and two (Next week I'll go more in depth on explaining this project!)
Foundations of Color (GDES1312): assignment 6, assignment 7, final quiz (this will definitely be more like an exam), and the final project

So. It's definitely scary looking at that list. I've got a lot ahead of me. But by being aware and starting early, I think I'll be alright (or better than alright). In addition to making flashcards like it's my job, I've also been making lists. I make a list for the week of everything I want and need to accomplish, then I break it down and make a baby list for each day. This is helpful because I go from stressing at the big picture to taking it one piece at a time.

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