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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Studio Weekend

This past weekend I spent most of my time in the apparel design studios working on my group's NASA project. I also had a super fun time attending the Textile Center's annual garage sale, where tons of great fabrics were on sale for the taking! I was looking especially for fabric I could potentially use for my senior line next year. For my line, I am thinking a color palette of green, blue, grey and blue (inspired by an ocean and underwater scene), so those were the colors I was looking out for at the garage sale. I was able to find a good amount of fabrics that I could use! A few examples of how great the deals are:

2 yards of blue/grey silk for $1
5 1/2 yards of black/grey wool for $5
3 yards of grey silk for $1

In total I bought over 25 yards of fabric for just $27! Such a great deal! It also was a fun time to spend with my apparel design girls early on a Saturday morning.

After the garage sale, and a little breakfast outing with the girls, we headed to studio to work on NASA! We've moved onto the final stages, which is mapping out the actual circuitry and where all the electronic components will go: exciting!

Here are a few pictures:


Here we are testing the resistance of our conductive thread when sewn through the fabric on both sides: it works!


Here is a map of where our thread circuitry will go! This week its onto the actual sewing!

Lucie, Apparel Design