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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Registration Time!

Just when things start to wrap up with classes a little thing called class registration comes around! This is that exciting (and sometimes stressful) time when each of us must pick out our classes for the next semester. Luckily all of us at the College of Design have some great advisers for us to meet with and update our degree plan to make sure we are taking the right classes to graduate (and even getting in a "just for fun" class every now and again.)

Registration can be done through One Stop. Just be sure to have your health insurance card handy as you'll have to provide some information to prove that you have health insurance. Once logged into onestop, a student is able to search for classes he or she may want to take. Occasionally a student may need a permission number to enroll. This is easily done by simply emailing the professor who will be teaching the course and requesting they send you a permission number to enroll in their course.

"OH NO! My class is full, the world is ending, what do I do?!" This is a scenario you may run into at any point in your academic career. First things first, click and add yourself to the waiting list if there is one available. Next, email the professor teaching the course to express your interest and see if they can give you a permission number to add the course even though registration says it is full. Lastly, attend the first day of class to see if a spot opens up. U of M rules require all students to attend the first day of each class. If a student misses their place in the class can be forfeited (making way for you!)

Well, now I need to actually register myself! - Till next week!

Accelerated Bachelor of Environmental Design - May 2011
Master of Landscapes Architecture - Expected May 2013