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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NASA: Final Stretch

Our NASA trip is almost here, in fact our flight leaves in less than 41 hours! This weekend and week has been rather insane! Our student and professor group leaves for Houston, TX to meet and present to NASA this Thursday, so there has been quite a lot to do! Kaila, Ashton and myself, who make up our reconfigurable electronic textiles garment group, have been working pretty much non stop in studio this weekend. We were working up to 15 hour days Friday and Saturday, and were in studio today for 14 hours as well. It sounds like a look, and it is, but it will be all worth it in the end! Our garment is starting to look really good! All our circuitry is sewn and the swatches that will be attached are also finished. Now we are working on debugging our system, which is trouble shooting all the electronic traces to make sure none of them are shorting out or otherwise broken. We also have to make sure we create a consumer version of our garment, which is basically where we take the technology that we used in our NASA garment, and translate it into a more mainstream product for the mass population of consumers. We plan to create a teddy bear or stuffed animal that has removable and replaceable shirt swatches that would light up or power other functions like playing a sound or music.

Here are a few photo of our garment and circuitry so far!



Lucie, Apparel Design