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Monday, April 30, 2012

NASA: The End!

Its over! Our semester long project prototyping for NASA is over! This past weekend our entire class flew down to Houston, Texas to present at the Johnson Space Center, it was an amazing time!

We left Thursday afternoon at 5pm from Minneapolis St. Paul and flew to Houston, Texas by way of a very short layover (which consisted of 20 apparel design students and faculty running through an airport to make our connection) in Atlanta. By the time we got to our hotel it was around midnight. Our group stayed up until 3am finalizing our presentation and prototype. The next morning we all got to our presentation sight early to make sure everything was in order, which was! Our group had a great presentation, as did all of my class! Our wonderful professors, Dr. LeBat and Dr. Dunne, gave amazing presentations as well, showcasing the University of Minnesota and the new technologies that we have.

After our presentation we had a poster session where our NASA mentors were able to talk one on one with our groups and discuss more in depth topics. Our mentor, Cory, was very impressed with what we had come up with and what we were able to accomplish in such a short about of time. Our mentors will keep our prototypes for a few weeks to take our ideas and integrate them into their work and move froward. They are also hoping to continue our collaboration, so if all goes well we will stay in contact in the future!

Below are a few photos of my trip! Pictured are me, and my group members: Kaila and Ashton.



Lucie, Apparel Design