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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NASA: Circuitry

This past week my NASA group has been working towards creating a final prototype for our presentation in three weeks. A big part of our project is figuring out how to incorporate the electronic components into our suit as a whole. The main electrical part, basically the "brain" of our suit, is going to be located at the back of the suit. Then there are six locations on that "brain" part that need to be attached to every location where swatches are to be located. This means we have to map out, insulate, solder and sew 48 leads! We mapped out multiple options to create a good suit design that worked best for lead paths and came up with a two layer suit. The suit will have an inner layer that houses the paths for four of the locations: the two arm swatch locations and the two leg swatch locations. The outer suit itself will be the second layer, and it will house the paths for the other four swatch locations: the four chest swatch locations.

Here is an image of us mapping out swatch locations on the form. It was important for us to think about how the curves of the body and seaming would affect the paths for the electronic leads.


Our professor, Dr. Dunne, also surprised our group today about the possibility of us writing a research paper to be published! This is huge for us, to have a published research paper before we graduate! I cannot wait!

Lucie, Apparel Design