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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jammin in the Spring time

This past weekend was quite wonderful,
and it has a large part to do with the fact
that it was Spring Jam. 222910_10150170694796296_505876295_7270590_4878419_n.jpgSpring Jam is a student planned, three-day, music festival with lots of free food and entertainment. It is held on campus every spring semester in celebration of the ending school year. In the past, we have had some great performers at Spring Jam, artist such as Gym Class Hero's and OKGO, but I must say that those do not rival this year musical line-up. During the three-day festival, we had performances by The Head and The Heart, Jessie James, Prof, The Cataracs, and the New Boyz. It was a musically diverse weekend, that catered to the many different tastes in music and it was greatly appreciated by the students. Now, as much as I love free concerts and all the entertainment that is Spring Jam, I must admit that it's definitely not my favorite part. My favorite part, I'll embarrassingly admit, is all the free food! As a poor college student, living on mac &cheese everyday, a grill out with burgers, corn, and tacos is greatly appreciated!

Well, now you have something to look foreword to this coming year, it's a while away I know, and I apologize for getting you excited. But do not fret! Because we usually have some great performers come to Homecoming too, and that's a whole lot sooner☺

Have a wonderful week!
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