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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Field Trip

IMG_4113.JPGLast Thursday, I had the privilege of traveling to St. Cloud, Minnesota for the Annual AIA Minneapolis Greater Minnesota Luncheon. The day was filled with a board meeting, lunch, and tours of the library and police station. To top it all off, Dewey Thorbeck, professor of architecture at the University of Minnesota and director of the Center for Rural Design, gave a presentation explaining the importance of ecological sensitivity in design. He showed us examples of his work throughout Minnesota that represented long lasting, energy efficient, healthy environments. If you are interested in the sustainability minor at the U of M, you should consider contacting Professor Thorbeck about sustainable buildings.


After lunch, we took a tour of the St. Cloud Public Library, built in 2008. The Minneapolis architecture firm Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle (MS&R), along with JLG in St. Cloud, were the architects for the design and build phases. MS&R has also designed buildings on the U of M campus, including the Regis Center for Art. The library was a perfect example of how local materials like granite can make the building sustainable and beautiful. MS&R did a wonderful job creating a central spine that allows for natural light in the entire library.

The luncheon was a great way to learn and network with professionals since most of the AIA Minneapolis board members are leaders in large firms downtown. I can't express enough how much involvement matters in college. Join an organization today!

Hope you had a great Earth day!

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