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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Community Involvement

sign_marcy.jpgMy key advice for any freshman is to get involved in new activities early and often. For example, I served as the Student Representative for the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association my second year at the University of Minnesota. Although I was not on the Minnesota Student Association board, I acquired the position by networking with my landlord and friends. The position required me to attend monthly meetings, events, and communicate information between the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) and the neighborhood. While I attended monthly meetings, I oversaw the development of many student housing projects like 412 Lofts, Sydney Hall, and FloCo. This gave me the opportunity to better understand how architecture plays a key role in the community. The neighborhood board must approve the development before it begins construction. At these meetings, I had the privilege of hearing developers describe the concepts behind their designs, even if I didn't always agree with them.

187838_197322908429_913770174_n.jpgI bet you're wondering how you can get involved without being associated with a fraternity or sorority. If you live off-campus, start attending community meetings and activities. Most neighborhood associations send newsletters throughout the year. If you want to get involved right away, talk to your landlord or neighbors to find out more information. Neighborhood associations really appreciate students willing to better their community. Also, contact the Minnesota Student Association to find out how you can start getting involved.

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