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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Architecture Tour

IMG_2563.JPGHave you ever wondered what an architecture firm looks like? Well, you're in luck this week! A group of AIAS students toured the HGA offices in their new location, the Ford Center. Upon arrival, we entered the building through an exterior entrance. The original vertical factory building was built in 1914 for the assembly of Ford vehicles like the Model T. A decade later, Ford Motor Company moved to Highland Park in St. Paul to utilize an assembly line. After the Ford Center was abandoned, it was renovated by numerous companies like Honeywell and Anytime Fitness. A major historic renovation only occurred recently, when United Partners purchased the building and allowed HGA and Olson Advertising to lease a majority of the building.

IMG_2567.JPGThe windows and floor designs still capture the original essence of the building. HGA's lobby and main floor once contained the Ford Gallery, showcasing their prized creations. Removing the freight elevators and creating central stairwells were major modifications HGA did. The entire project allowed for sustainable LEED certification while abiding by the National Register of Historic Places rules. If you are interested in historic preservation, there are several undergraduate classes and a graduate degree offered.

IMG_2564.JPGOnly a few weeks left!

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