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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Advise Me!

With registration approaching quickly, I came to the realization that I only have one more school year left after this semester! Yikes! That's scary stuff! Recognizing that, I decided I wanted to meet with my advisor and discuss the classes I have left to take; since I don't have very many left to take, I want to see if there are classes that would be beneficial, for my professional and future career, that aren't necessarily in my major. Unfortunately my meeting isn't until tomorrow; so you my friends will have to wait until next week to see what I stumble upon.
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images-1.jpegBut since we're on the topic of advisors, I thought I would talk about the different advising resources we have at the College of Design. Firstly, there is your academic advisor; you will be assigned an academic advisor immediately your freshman year. They are a very helpful resource and will likely be helping you with questions regarding anything from studying abroad to classes and scheduling; they are great with providing you with information other resources available around campus. Later as you progress and move towards graduation, you will be given a faculty advisor; this resource is great for providing advise on internships and helping you plan your learning objectives. Lastly, Career and Internship Services; this resources is simply fantastic at helping you hone your job, interviewing, and networking skills. The College of Design has such great resources at hand so make sure to take advantage of them!