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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Think before you schedule

So today, I think I'll talk to you guys bit about classes, particularly my schedule. The great, and sometimes not so great, thing about college is that you get to choose what time and day you take your class. This great positive can at times be a negative. Here's why.
This semester, I am taking 20 credits, which is quite alot; often times, however, it doesn't even seem like I am taking that many. This is because with the schedule I've worked out, I have class only three days of the week; this, is both good and bad, it really depends on how I choose to spend my time. For me, there are weeks in which I am very productive and make use of my free time, but there are also the times where I choose to procrastinate; and having all that free time often makes it worse. Even though I enjoy having as much "free time", it can sometimes become overwhelming. How can this be you ask? Well, having class only three days of the week usually means that all of the classes are crammed into those three days, three very long days. Another downfall, is that with all the classes crammed, as such, tests are likely to fall around similar times and often on the same day. For example, this past Monday I had three tests and a project all due within a ten hour time span; it was stressful to say the least, but I got through it. Basically, today, I thought I would advise you to be wise and aware of your time and how you schedule your classes, because sometimes the things that seem as if they will make our life easier often make them harder in other aspects.

(the deceiving schedule)
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Well, I hope you take these words into consideration when it comes time to schedule your classes!
-Sasenka- Retail Merchandising