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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Reality of "Study Parties"

Everybody gets together with friends on occasion to "do their homework," right? There's also that distinction between doing homework and "studying." Obviously these things exist in college, but I think the delineation is a bit different.

When I got together with my floormates at Middlebrook Hall to do homework, it usually involved some type of materials being nearby or in use. In my case, I was drawing or painting paper (which everyone loved because I took up the whole table), but details schmetails.
Study parties are quite different: we get together, armed with our computers, maybe a textbook if we're lucky. What do a bunch of college students with laptops and a fast WiFi network do? Watch YouTube.

Yes, readers, as a college student, you will find you've become a citizen of Procrasti Nation (bahaha I thought of that this morning). The trick is becoming good at the game: perhaps you've noticed, but I'm no slacker. That doesn't mean I'm not immune to my nights where I get absolutely nothing done. Last night, I meant to start writing internship applications and get myself ready for critique in advanced typography today. Well, I accomplished one of those goals: I got myself ready for critique. After all, the internship application isn't due until Friday, right?


Last night's "study party" at Comstock Hall with my friends Laurel and Ellen.

The point of this entry is to say that as you make friends both in and outside of your major, you will be getting together to hang out and get your work done. That's why I loved the residence halls so much. On the flip side of the same coin, you might get together to watch videos of kittens with fainting goat symptoms (which I think is unfortunate, but of course, my friend Ellen wants one).

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