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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Staying Focused

Lately, I've been asking myself, "How do I stay focused when I have eight weeks left and it's 80 degrees outside?" This has been an extremely hard semester, even though I am only taking one studio class and working three jobs. (Normally, I'm busier than this.) I find it important to set personal deadlines and goals to accomplish specific tasks so I can enjoy the weather and certain events. In a week I will be leaving for an AIAS conference in Detroit, MI, so I need to finish my studio project before next Tuesday. I kind of wish it was snowing right now so I wouldn't be tempted to go lie in the grass. Working at my studio desk helps me remain focused while allowing me to converse with fellow classmates on my design.

P1020935.JPGStaying in Rapson Hall for a long period of time sometimes results in hunger pains. Good thing there is a myriad of food locations near Rapson Hall - my favorite is Bordertown Coffee. Once a fraternity house, this building was saved by a non-profit organization that opened a coffee shop. It's a perfect place to meet professors, grab lunch (vegan muffins, too), or get a jolt of espresso to keep you going. If you only have a few minutes to grab lunch, the Nolte Restaurant is located across the street. (Nolte History) This little hidden gem contains great entrees and treats. It is also a great study place because of the large dining area. I bet you can't wait to visit these places!

See you soon!

Holly Engle
Architecture - Bachelor of Science