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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break

Its spring break! Spring break comes at just the right time during the semester; when you need a break! I usually head back home to visit family over the week long break, but this time I decided I wanted to go somewhere fun! I am flying out tomorrow to visit two of my friends in New York City! In order to prepare for this trip I did a lot of homework before I left: I spent all of last weekend making and designing tests for my prototype for NASA. I also spent a lot of time making sure I had everything done. While spring break is nice, its only a week so you have to make sure you're caught up with homework, studying, etc. so you're not behind when you get back.

A great thing about being a student is Its site that offers deals reserved for university students, you need a University email to register. I was able to book my flight for a few hundred dollars less than any other travel site I visited. A great thing for travel when you go to the University here and live in the Twin Cities: the Light Rail and Airport. The light rail is a train that runs from downtown Minneapolis to the Mall of America, stopping inside the terminals at the airport. I can catch a bus from my house to the light rail which drops me off right in the airport: it makes travel easy. And good news, the light rail is being extended and will run all the way down University Ave by 2014!

Here is a picture from my last trip to NY! Those are dresses created by the Project Runway contestants, made out of candy!


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