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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Break Approaching!!!

Eric_SpBr'10.jpgAhhh that amazing word that only college students truly understand. For some its a time for wild vacations, others time to visit home, and even more simply time to relax and catch up on their favorite shows or hobbies. Last year I went to South Padre Island, Texas with a few roommates and had a great time both down there and the road trip down. (I highly recommend a college road trip with some good friends to all college students!) The year before that Cancun, Mexico. To that point I had never been out of the country, so I figured it was about time I break that trend. This year however I'll be keeping it low key and relaxing. However, much like winter break, spring break is a great time to catch up on things outside of school. I plan to follow up on a few internship leads and buff up my online resume. Speaking of jobs, I received a position as a Landscape Designer with Metro Blooms this past week! Its only part-time, but hey experience is experience right? Life as a College of Design Student can get hectic at times so its important to take full advantage of these great academic breaks and recharge the batteries and have some fun! (oh and it was almost 60 degrees here in Minneapolis today! To put it lightly after today's weather... EVERYONE on campus is ready for spring break!)

Hope you all enjoy your spring breaks!

- Eric

Accelerated Bachelor of Environmental Design - May 2011
Masters of Landscape Architecture - Expected May 2013