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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rest, Relaxation, and Recovery...?

photo.jpegYup, recovery. It's currently spring break and on monday I had surgery to have my tonsils removed. Basically the timing lined up and spring break was the best time for me to have the surgery and get enough rest. I have a busy summer ahead because I'm planning a trip to New York, I plan on taking a class or two, and I'll probably be working two jobs, so it's pretty clear that this couldn't wait.

So far recovery has been alright. I'm not ecstatic or anything, but it's been a lot better than I anticipated. You can thank sherbet and pain meds for that! Also, being at home, my parents have been lovely about babying me and making sure I'm comfortable.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to do a little homework or something else that resembles productivity. But for now, I'm honestly just soaking up the life of the lazy ;)

Are you on spring break too? Let me know how's it going!

Till next time,
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