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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reporting from the Field

So as I think I blogged about four times, last Friday was the Student Advertising Summit. This year's event was so fantastic, and I had a lot more fun this year than I did last year. This was because of two things: one, I am part of the National Student Advertising Competition now, so I had plenty of friends to talk, mingle, and attend breakout sessions with; two, I am a user of Twitter and Foursquare now, so it was really entertaining to take part in the social chatter in real time.

My friends Jenny, Molly and I ready to start a day of learning and networking at the annual Ad Fed/Ad2 Student Advertising Summit.

This event brings up some important points that I can't recall if I've talked about before. First of all, it's important to network like crazy. I didn't start networking until the spring of my junior year, and honestly, I wish I'd started sooner. It's also really important to do internships that contribute to your experience directly--one of the first things that many presenters asked at the SAS was how many of us had interned somewhere before.

Another really beneficial part of the day was going through portfolio review. It's REALLY important to get your work out there for professionals to look at as soon as possible. I had a review with an Associate Creative Director from a local advertising agency called Periscope (, and a Creative from a local design and advertising shop called mono ( That last one I was terrified for because mono does incredible work. Come to find out, I'm a good designer, I just need to start expanding my ideas more so I can become a good art director too!

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