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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nice Weather We're Having, eh?

Midterm exam week has arrived here at the U of M and it seems that mother nature has given us with a day of lovely spring weather as a reward for all of our hard work. Temps are up in the mid-50s (t-shirt and shorts weather for Minnesotans) and everyone is loving it! It feels great being outdoors and taking in the warm weather during such a busy and hectic time of year - it's been a while since I've walked under the West Bank skyways instead of inside of them!


I snapped few photos of the Weisman Art Museum (my favorite building ever) on the East Bank Campus while avoiding indoor environments today, thought I'd share a few.


Aside from the amazing weather and repeated midterm cram sessions, I'm looking forward to a relaxing and well deserved spring break next week. So close, yet so many things to do before then. My compulsive note-taking is beginning to backfire. I best get back to work!


- Jesse LaMaack - Housing Studies, B.S.