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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NASA Testing

Happy "Week after spring break"! Its back to work! In my studio class, this semester's NASA project is getting more and more intense! We, as a group, have been finalizing our background research over the past few weeks and now have been moving into the prototyping phase. Over spring break I finished my individualized prototype and outlined my testing guidelines. Yesterday our group got together and conducted our user tests, with the help of volunteers, on our various prototypes.

We created two different prototype suits, a single one piece zip up jumpsuit and one separate jacket type top. We also tested a variety of conductive fasteners, fabrics, etc. together to see how they worked in tandem with the suit.

We tested the mobility, comfort, and ergonomics of the suits themselves. We also tested the ease of attachment of the swatches, the security of the attachment, and ease of detachment.

Here are a few images of our user tests and prototypes!



We will be skyping with the NASA team this Thursday during our class period to present our research and prototypes. At that time they will work with us on how to move forward. We also are working with our professor, the wonderful Dr. Dunne, very closely to get the most out of our project. She, as all our professors are, is amazing at being able to help us out outside of class and is always available to help through email.

I will be sure to share how our presentation and skyping with NASA goes, next week!

Lucie, Apparel Design