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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NASA: Presentation

Today was the day! Our research group presented to the NASA team via video chat. We created a PowerPoint presentation of all our background literary research, prototyping data and design direction for the future and used it to show the NASA team what we have been working on the past two months.

If you're not familiar with the project, here is a little bit of background information.
NASA has teamed up with our class of apparel design students to create prototypes of electronic textiles. There are 5 different projects ranging from boot and helmet design, to alarm systems integrated into a suit. Our group's project is to design and create a suit to be worn in the space station that incorporates electronic elements such as swatches to turn on a light in dark spaces, operate a heart rate monitor, turn on a fan, etc.

We split up our background into three sections, each focused on by a team member. The three sections of research we decided on were 1) electronic components such as the battery and circuit itself. 2) astronaut living and what the suit needs to accommodate in that nature and 3) the suit itself regarding design, mobility and comfort. I focused on the suit design itself. I researched pain/pressure sensitivity over the body, visibility, accessibility and mobility. Here are an image of the mobility body map I created using my background research:

mobility of body map.jpg

And here is a sketch of our final design direction, hopefully our final suit prototype will look something like this!


Lucie, Apparel Design