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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jobs in Water Management Design

This spring break i'm focusing on my summer employment search. After my internship with the Ramsey Conservation District last summer as a design intern, i've done some searching around for similar work and found that numerous watershed management organizations (WMO's) as well as count soil and water departments offer work in the designing of water management systems. Most recently i've interviewed with the Dakota County Soil & Water District for a summer design position. I hope to hear from them in the coming weeks. If interested in this line or work be sure to familiarize yourself with Blue Thumb. This is a program/organization which many of your potential employers are sure to be partnering up with on water management projects!


My philosophy when it comes to looking for summer jobs as students is to "throw as many darts at the board as possible". That is to say that the more options and opportunites you make the more chances you'll be hired (or "get a dart to hit the board"). I'm also very excited about a position with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and hope to hear from them sometime soon.

An education in landscape design and planning or environmental design gives us as students and graduates a VERY large range of jobs we are qualified for. This range widens even further should you decided to pursue a masters degree in Landscape Architecture.

Till next week!

Accelerated Bachelor of Environmental Design - May 2011
Masters of Landscape Architecture - Expected May 2013