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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Campus Gone Wild

...well, not really. I decided to write this week a little bit more in depth about what it's been like spending all four years' spring break on campus.

When I was living in Middlebrook freshman year, there were quite a few of us on our floor that lived so close that going home wasn't a big novelty for us. Some of us (myself included) also had few friends to see from high school, so going home to see friends wasn't a huge deal either.

My best friend from high school, Brianna, goes to St. Catherine University in St. Paul. Every spring break, I have gone down to St. Kate's one full day to hang out with Brianna, play some board games, watch some TV, and eat another campus's dorm food. Brianna's spring break has always been the week after mine, so it's been a great way to score a couple of free meals while I'm on my break.

Freshman year we also took a trip down to Grand Avenue in St. Paul to visit our friend Evan's old place of work, the Grand Ole Creamery ( Good enough excuse to stay in town in my book.

My sophomore year, the Chipotle on the West Bank was having a buy an item, get an item free special--that was also a really cheap food week!

But beyond just a more relaxed opportunity to hang out with new college friends, get work done, or go see things you haven't seen before, spring break is one of my favorite times to be on campus because of how quiet it is. I'm not opposed to crowds of people (that's a white lie, I'll admit it), but it's a lot of fun to walk down these big sidewalks all by yourself!

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Highlights of Spring Break: Andrew giving Chad a back massage when he was utterly defeated at NSAC; getting my bike back out of the season; running into my friends Aleutian and Robbie out on the (dinky)town!

Until next week,

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