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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being Sick

Today, I woke up feeling quite under the weather. It is clear that it's about that time of year where the seasons are changing and everyone around is getting sick, so much so, that the sickness has managed to make its way to me. Today was a day of struggle; it being one of my busier class days, I had to push myself to go to my classes, when in high school I would have just laid in bed, rested up, and focused on getting healthy. In college, attending classes is a little more necessary, and missing one day can slow down your progress drastically. Over the last three years, I have really learned to revaluate how sick I am and if it's bad enough to miss classes over; because sometimes staying in bed because of a cold is simply not worth it. Obviously, no one can force you to go to class, but that's exactly why it is so dangerous.

But, in the case that you are very, very sick and definitely cannot make it to class, you want to check your schedule and make sure that you don't have much due that day. Make-ups are often not allowed, only with proper documentation from a doctor and even then it can get a little iffy. Another, small thing you can do if this circumstance occurs, is send your professor or T.A. (teaching assistant) an e-mail; this shows respect and that you are invested in the class and do not want to fall behind. But, like I stated earlier, you definitely want to evaluate yourself, because often times a cold is simply not worth missing a class over.


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