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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Informatively Fun Event

Today we, design students, had a great opportunity to attend a Retail and Design Trend Panel event. The even had three speakers, who work in design and retail industries, speak to us about their jobs and how they got there. The Speakers were Michelle Lamb, the Editorial Director and Owner of a trend forecasting company called The Trend Curve; Bridget Burke, owner of Bridget Burke Consulting, LLC; and Jennifer Hartley, a Retail Marketer for trends at the Mall of America. The speakers were all fantastic, but I was most intrigued by Michelle Lamb's talk. She spoke generally about her company, how she started, and some specific projects she's worked on as well; she even showed us the color pallet forecast for the year 2013! It's so crazy to think that industries and companies know what colors we are going to like a year before we do. Sometimes, as Michelle shared, they even know five years in advance. Hearing these forecasts and about her job really prompted me to do some research and consider going into this field when I graduate.

Overall, the event was great and very informative. It was only an hour and a half long; and we were even given the opportunity to speak and network with them one on one.

Also here is the color that Michelle Lamb told us will be big in the year 2013. Blue.
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Until next time!
-Sasenka - Retail Merchandising