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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post Dean's Reception

It was great meeting some of you this past weekend at the University of Minnesota College of Design's Dean's Reception! I had a wonderful time and most importantly, met lots of great people and possibly new classmates!

I had the opportunity to meet informally with perspective students and their families before the formal activities of the day started, which was a great time to speak freely with them and get some of their questions answered. I focused on why the College of Design and the University of Minnesota is the perfect fit for me, and hopefully them. The design community surrounding the encompassing the college in the Twin Cities, MNFashion, is growing and welcomes students to design, volunteer and attend their shows and events. The second reason I focused on is the great combination of the big ten college experience on the University side, and the small college feel of the College of Design. You get the best of both worlds!

We then proceeded on to our major sessions, where I more formally presented two of my pieces to the perspective students and their families. I talked about portfolio review and my experiences with blogging and was able to answer questions as well.

Here are a few shots of my dress that went through portfolio review:

Senior Fashion Show 2011 (7).JPG

Senior Fashion Show 2011 (13).JPG

It was great meeting with new students and talking with them. When I brought up my blog here quite a few of them asked me about it and how to access it, so I hope to start getting more comments! Feel free to ask any questions you like!

Lucie, Apparel Design