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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Most Interesting Things in the last Seven Days

  1. 1. Developed my personal brand. I'm freaking out about it. All I have is my logo and a pattern at the moment, but I'm super excited.

    One of the possible origins of my last name is "Poque," meaning "small pouch." Therefore, a pocket--hardworking, there when you need it, don't have to think about it. Greg Pickman said, "Done Check."

  2. blog.png

    My concepts for my new brand identity :)

  3. 2. The Lucky 13 Internship applications at Campbell Mithun have begun. Applicants have 13 tweets at their disposal to convince the agency they're worthy of an interview. I'm feeling very confident.

  4. 3. Presenter applicants for the National Student Advertising Competition spoke to the group to try to win votes for a spot. Did I run? Of course I ran. I mentioned the fact that I've had the opportunity to pitch ideas to tons of local non-profit groups in my graphic design courses, and even a corporate client (Medtronic). I also mentioned pitching a social media tool to a big shot music executive at my internship in London this past summer.

  5. 4. Celebrated Valentine's Day out with fellow single members of the NSAC team. It was a great night out at Taco Tuesday at Burrito Loco!

  6. 5. Developed a plan of attack for finalizing my portfolio. It's going to take a lot of work, but I will get this done! I have to get a job! Go go go!

  7. 6. Was able to substitute my Graphic Design Senior Seminar course for my Advertising in Society requirement. Woohoo, three less credits to take in my final term!

T-minus EIGHT DAYS until YOUR Dean's Reception! And you get to meet ME! As well as other graphic design students, obviously.

Until next time,

Graphic Design BFA