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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marketing Design

IMG_2212.JPGLast weekend, the Minneapolis Convention Center hosted the Minnesota Lake and Cabin Show. My studio was invited to present our bunkhouse designs to be judged by attendees. After three hours of presenting, I realized what my design was capturing and lacking. The attendees were looking for larger spaces to entertain and sleep. They were not concerned with materials, assembly, or transportation.

IMG_2210.jpgMy main idea was to create a bunkhouse that had the smallest footprint while hosting a variety of activities, i.e. sleeping, eating, and lounging. The design was criticized for being too small, even though it used space efficiently by converting a bed into a table. I had also selected a material based on its eco-friendly qualities (Richlite Stratum, a paper composite board with a bamboo center), which would make the structure expensive. Although I didn't win best in show, I gained a lot from talking and selling my design to people. Some spectators complimented me on my brochure, material selection, and model. Pro Tip: graphics are fundamental when working with clients.

Afterwards, we were allowed to walk around the convention center. Talking to different design-build companies made me realize that my education from the University of Minnesota has provided me an assortment of resources. Since the school has a great sustainability program, I can market my job abilities to a variety of companies.

Have a great day!

Bachelor of Science-Architecture