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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the Wilderness

I spent this past weekend in Cook, MN, near Lake Vermilion. I bet you're wondering why this is pertinent (unless you've read my previous blogs). My Studio IV course, Cabinology, consists of designing our own cabins. Well, the University of Minnesota sent my studio there to research our sites and tour cabins. My studio (fifteen students) arrived in the small town Friday night. We began our Saturday at 7am at Montana Café. I would recommend their breakfast: amazing. It took us a while to travel out to our sites because of the roads were in poor condition and unplowed. Once we reached our destination (in the middle of nowhere), we began to hike through the woods (5-10 acres) toward Lake Vermilion. Hiking in snow up to your knees while drawing and marking off your site is an experience everyone should have. After spending a total of ten hours on my site all weekend, I understand the terrain, the views, and the experiences.

IMG_2096.jpgOn Saturday afternoon, we traveled to two different locations to tour cabins. One of the sites, Ludlow's Island Resort, contained unique cabins. Located on an island in Lake Vermilion, some of the cabins were made out of doors while others were four stories tall. What an extraordinary view!

Now I have to take everything I learned this weekend and bring it to my client. How will I explain their site? This will be my challenge, since I've never worked with a real client before.

Ta-ta for now.

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