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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How's interior design studio going, you ask?

Interior design studio (IDES 1602) is definitely keeping me pretty busy this semester. The cycle pretty much works in a way where we get a project, work on it for about two weeks, turn it in/present and repeat. Although it keeps me very busy, I really enjoy this cycle because it allows for continuous learning and we avoid wasting any time.

So far this semester, we've been focusing on proportion systems and color theories. It's exciting to learn about these things because they are directly related to interior design and can be observed all of the time and basically anywhere!

We've completed two projects this semester. The first one was a project where we looked for the elements and principles of design in magazines online. It's funny, because back in junior high and high school when I first learned about the elements and principles, I never thought I'd need to know that stuff again. Boy was I wrong! Elements and principles are everywhere, and surprisingly so.

The other project we completed consisted of three parts. The first thing we did was find proportion systems in real life, magazines/online. Again, you would never think that there was such a science behind interior design, but there totally is! (Click here if you're curious and want to see a little video about it.) The other parts of the project were designing a stained glass window and a IDES 1602 logo, while utilizing proportioning systems, of course!

Here are photos of my logo and stained glass window designs!


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