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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey! Hi! Were you at the Dean's Reception?

jpgIf you were, then you finally got to meet me! And if you weren't, well then, you didn't, haha. The Dean's Reception was so so so much fun! I had a blast talking and hanging out with high school seniors (and their families) who are considering the College of Design at the U of M for college next year!

First we started off with the multicultural information session which was very informative and interesting. Fredrick, the new director of the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence gave a presentation on all that MCAE has to offer. It was delightful meeting him and learning about various resources the university has to offer for multicultural students.

After that I got a chance to mingle a little and talk with different students and their families over lunch. What I loved about the Dean's Reception most was how casual it was! It made it really easy to get to know people and have some good conversation without feeling nervous or awkward.

The next thing we did was set up for major sessions! Basically, each discipline went to their section of the Design building and displayed work, etc. We heard from the Interior Design department head, Dr. Tasoulla Hadjiyanni! She was so nice and knowledgeable, it was certainly a treat hearing from her!

After major sessions, I chatted with design professionals, prospectives students and their families and answered any questions they had about their admitted programs.

If you didn't catch my drift, Saturday was super fun! If you were at the Reception, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

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