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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Had a Great Birthday Weekend!

After all of my hard work so far this semester, I decided to put schoolwork on hold this past weekend to relax and celebrate my 21st birthday with friends and family. On Saturday evening, my parents came up from my hometown on the prairie for the occasion, bringing my sister and me to dinner and the Timberwolves game downtown at the Target Center. We felt adventurous and decided to traverse the downtown skyway system instead of going outside, such a Minneapolis thing of us to do - definitely got lost multiple times but it was quite beautiful and friendly the downtowners were always willing to point us in the right direction! Fun fact: Minneapolis has the largest continuous skyway network in the world. Definitely need to make day-trips downtown more often; it's only a 5-minute bus ride from the Minneapolis Campus!
sykways.JPG twolves.JPG

The game I went to on Saturday had over 20,000 fans, the highest attendance since 2004! It was great!

sunset.JPG icee.JPG
Sunday (the day of my triumphant 21st) was the most beautiful February day a Minnesotan could ask for, so a few friends and I hopped in the Jeep with our puppy Chester and spent the day outdoors at Fort Snelling State Park. The Twin Cities as we know it today essentially grew outward from Fort Snelling in the early 1800s, making it both beautiful and historically relevant. Definitely worth checking out! The Hiawatha Line Light Rail stops at Fort Snelling for anyone who wants to get a quick taste of nature on their way to the Mall of America!

Wishing everyone an enjoyable week, I will be busy catching up on my studies!

Jesse - Housing Studies, B.S.