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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Got Some Questions?

So this past weekend, I was helping out at the Dean's Reception and had the opportunity to talk to many future/potential students, and their parents, about the school and the Retail Major. There were many questions that both students and parents asked about both the school and major; so I thought that for this blog it would be fun and helpful to go over a few of the main questions asked.

"Because the retail major is located in St. Paul, would it be impractical for me to live in the dorms that are located on East or West bank?"
Nope, not at all, we have Campus Connectors (campus buses) that take from west bank to east bank to the St. Paul Campus in a fairly short amount of time. Also as a retail major you will be taking class on all three parts of campus; design and retail classes will be in St. Paul, Business classes will be on the west bank, and most likely you will have to take some Liberal Ed. Requirements on the east bank. You will be experiencing every part of campus regardless; which is awesome☺

"Why Retail Merchandising?"
This major is very practical; it's a great mix of design and business. We take a variety of classes that shape us make us well round for this field. We gain design, retail, and business experience, all which provide us with the knowledge to work in both a store and corporate setting with creative, analytical, and business skils.

"What opportunities do I have at this university?"

Many top business, Target, Best Buy, General Mills, to name a few, are stationed here in Minneapolis; they, along with other business come to career fairs to recruit and reach students for both internships and job opportunities. These businesss also come to some classes and speak; currently I am in a class in which Target has kicked off a visual merchandising display competition.

Got more question? Please ask away! :)

-Sasenka - Retail Merchandising