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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Ready for the Big Day(s)

Well, it just so happens that the Dean's Reception and the culmination of 13 days of tweeting for an internship are this Saturday! I'm coming down to crunch time, as I HAVE to have my website up so I can share my portfolio with this company--but I also need it up so I can show you all the work that I'm most proud of!

I'm also scrambling because the Student Ad Summit (visit them at is next Friday, March 2! I'm supposed to go through a portfolio review...and...I'm not nearly ready. YIKES!

I know I'm kind of jumping all over the place, but there are a lot of little things going on that I'm excited about right now. For this Twitter competition, I knew I needed to come up with something creative and off the wall to capture the agency's attention, so tomorrow morning in ice skating class I will be doing color guard choreography while ice skating. If I don't kill myself, I'll post the YouTube video next week.

We learned who the presenters were for the NSAC Regionals on Sunday and voila, I'm a presenter. I'm super excited about it, and I hope that some professional notices me and is wowed by my presentation skills. Ha!

Also this Friday, I will be attending an open house for an internship program at the agency that I REALLY want to work at, Martin Williams (

Basically, the gist: Be creative, be yourself, think outside the box, and network while you're out there!

Finally, I wanted to note again that the Dean's Reception is THIS SATURDAY and I hope to meet all of my readers there! I'm very excited to present some work, and hopefully you'll all be impressed as well...or at least fake it. Haha!

Until then,

Graphic Design B.F.A.

PS you can check the beginnings of my site out at

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