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Monday, February 20, 2012

Film in Architecture

Hello Future Architects!

Since the Dean's Reception is this Saturday, I thought I would make this an inspiring, captivating entry. I bet you think architecture is all about modeling buildings and drawing. Well, there is more than one way to capture and study space. I was introduced to film while in Studio II. My partner and I were studying the Wilson Library on West Bank. We were given an item, a microfiche of the 1920's census, to find and document. The result was a film capturing the movement, sounds, experience, and process. Click on the video below. After we made the film, we modeled three different spaces, which highlighted certain details.

hollykatie_film (iPhone & iPod).m4v

For my final project in Studio II, I created a film capturing the space between the Recreation Center and Cooke Hall. If you've read my earlier blog entries, you will remember this project (the museum containing the taxidermy collection). The film is very strange due to the juxtaposition of the people using the spaces, the collection of taxidermy animals, and the buildings. If this doesn't make sense, please see my earlier blogs that describe this project. My music selection was based on the rhythm of the space (people walking and using exercise equipment).

holly_video (iPhone & iPod).m4v
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If you have any questions about architecture or my blog, please don't hesitate to come over and talk to me. See you Saturday!

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