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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Events and People

After my hectic week last week, it's nice to relax and spend some time with friends. And hanging out with friends is exactly what I did today. After classes wrapped up, my roommate and I hit up the Caribou next to my apartment for some quality roomie time and studying. As I'm sure you assumed, there was more 'roomie time' involved than actual studying, but we were productive nonetheless. What made studying at Caribou even greater, was that we got 'buy one get one free' drinks today; everything is better when it's cheaper, at least to us college students. After my study session, I met up with one of my closest friends and went to the Gopher basketball. We were playing Ohio State, and though we lost, I had a ton of fun! I haven't gone to many basketball games, but after tonight I am definitely considering buying season tickets for next year. Not only is the game itself fun, but so are the people. There is so much fun energy that comes from being surrounding by fellow students and friends; it's a perfect place to meet new people. However, if sporting events are not your cup of tea, do not fret, there are plenty of other events on or near campus where you can both meet new people and be entertained.
Some of these events are:
•Ballet and dance performances
•Theater and plays
•Fashion shows
•Art Musiums (WAM, which is on campus)
•And that's just a few!

(Me and my friends at a basketball game last year)

-Sasenka, Retail Merchandising B.S.