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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dean Reception

Another College of Design Dean's Reception has come and gone. This year was a great success. I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with three incoming students and their parents to talk about both my work in the undergrad and graduate programs here at the U of M, and give them a personal tour of all that Rapson Hall has to offer them as design students!
Towards the end I also met a young man who was mostly interested in Architecture, but also wanted to know more about the Landscape Architecture side of things (if that was you, please email me with any questions you might have!). You would be very surprised to hear just how often this happens. I have two friends from undergrad that started as Architecture Majors and switched over to Landscape Design & Planning after learning the large array of jobs it prepares you for. Also, Architecture Majors often get a minor in Landscape Design & Planning or end up pursing a Masters in Landscape Architecture later on in graduate school. In fact, in my Masters of Landscape Architecture class I have two classmates that got bachelor degrees in Architecture, but elected for Landscape Architecture as a Masters...

Now i'm not trying to recruit students away for the Architecture Department, but rather letting you all know that the two majors are VERY interconnected and often students have dual interests so do not be afraid to explore them! You're coming here to learn and trust me, there is much to learn!

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Lastly, here's a link to another sweet blog about Project for Public Space. Really begins to shed light on all the possibilities Landscape Design and Planning/Landscape Architecture has to offer!

Till next week,


Accelerated Bachelor of Environmental Design - May 2011
Masters of Landscape Architecture - Expected May 2013