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Monday, February 20, 2012

Building Community

Friends. They are an essential part of life, and are of particular importance during your time spent in college. Considering that this, most likely, will be the first time that you will be the living on your own and away your family, it is important to make building a strong community one of your priorities. The friends you make will be your family away from home. They will be the ones that you turn to when you are feeling sad, homesick, or even happy. They will play a big role in your college life, so it's important to seek out some great ones!

I am so grateful to have found as great of a community of friends at school as I have. Having met many friends though my major, student groups, random classes, , and believe it or not even coffee shops, I have come to understand that there is no specific formula to developing friendships. As you can see I even met some great friends at a coffee shop, and it was all because we were talking about the same topic and were sitting just a table away from one another. Another thing to keep in mind will developing friendships, is to seek out diversity. Having a diverse group of friends is important; this can mean friends of different ethnicities, majors, cultures, or whatever. You want to grow while in school and expand your world view, so what better way than to dive in with some friends who see the world from a different perspective than you do.

(some of my friends and I earlier in the year)

Now on a little different note; there will be a Class of 2016 Dean's Reception held this Saturday, the 25th. You guys should definitely come check it out and learn more about the University of Minnesota, particularly the College of Design. I will be there too, so come and chat with me!

See you there!
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