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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Architecture in the Schools

Being a member of AIAS has given me the opportunity to connect and communicate with the surrounding community. Last week, I traveled to Golden Valley to visit the Perpich Center for Art Education. AIA MN hosts a program called "Architecture in the Schools," which introduces students to the concepts of architecture. I had the honor of being a guest reviewer for their final project. The students were asked to design their own studio within based on their artistic interests. The only constraints were that studio would be located within the school. The course was over a nine-week period. Students with an emphasis in photography designed professional galleries and photo studios; some even had dark rooms for developing film. A student interested in music designed a recording studio and lounge with a Zen garden for relaxation. The quality of craft, creativity, and space for the students' projects were superlative for their age. Starting this month, Architecture in the Schools will be at FAIR School in downtown Minneapolis.

Working with different levels of design experience, ages, and interests has inspired me to change the way I design. Pro Tip: try to work on projects outside of studio to increase your group work skills and knowledge. I'm looking forward to traveling to FAIR School in the upcoming weeks.

See you at the Dean's Reception in a few weeks!

Bachelor of Science, Architecture