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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Working Out On Campus

I have just recently decided that I need to start getting into better shape. So far all I have been doing is using the elliptical in my apartment and walking almost everywhere on campus. However, next week I am planning to start working-out at the University Recreation Center, which we on campus call The Rec. I am slightly embarrassed that I have only taken advantage of this place a few times, especially because it has so much to offers.

The Rec. has much exercise equipment available for use. A great variety of cardio equipment and strength training machines dominate the first two levels of the building, which is located on the Minneapolis campus. The basement holds a pool in which students and other members are freely allowed to use on a daily basis. Also, the top floor holds gyms for recreational sports and games. My favorite thing about the The Rec, however, are the fitness classes offered. Every semester a free weeklong trail of all the fitness classes is offered to students and members. Attending these classes typically costs about $5 for a daylong pass and $55 for the semester; is the only extra cost when using The Rec. However, during this specific week, which is called "Jam Week," all classes are free. This is so that we can check out which classes we like or don't like without having to pay for them. The classes offered range from dance to yoga to cycling. This year I'm going to try out as many classes as I can and find some great ones to stick with.

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