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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where to live?

The past two months I have been trying to decide where to I would like to live next year; I have been debating living in a house in Dinkytown or stay in my current apartment building, Dinnaken. I like both for different reasons. I like the house mostly for its location in Dinkytown and because most of my friends will be living near by. Dinnaken, however, has a great location also, basically on Campus, and for its location is very affordable. I am having such a hard time deciding, but I will admit I am leaning more towards the house!

Luckily for those you who will be incoming freshman next year, your housing decisions will be more easily determined, assuming you want to live in the dorms all you will have to do is choose your top dorm locations on your application.

Here are the some great things about each dorm location and so you guys have a better idea of which you like best.

Superblock dorms: Frontier, Pioneer, Centennial, and Territorial.
• Great location right on the east bank, you will be right in the middle of everything.
• Most freshman will be living in these dorms so it will be a very social environment
• Right near Coffman our student union, which is practically the middle of campus, making it super easy to get around and get to every other location.
• Located right next to Dinkytown, meaning you are near some great restaurants and coffee shops. And because many people hang out in Dinkytown, something is always happening.
• It is currently directly on the Campus Connector bus rout, making it super easy to travel around campus and to classes.
• On the West Bank, which is great because as a Retail Major, you will be taking many business classes and the building that you will be taking them in is practically a block away from this dorm.
• On the St. Paul Campus, which is also awesome because we, Retail Major's, have many classes in St. Paul as well.
• Bailey also has my favorite dining center of all the dorm halls.

Hope this gives you all little bit of knowledge about what each dorm has to offer!

(me in my dorm room my freshman year)

Until next time!
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