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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time really flies!

I can't even believe it! Classes are in less than a week. In my last few days of freedom, I'm doing my best to balance work, relaxation and preparation for the new semester.

I've been working in the office like usual over break which has been nice. It's definitely been very quiet in McNeal the past few weeks since students are on holiday, but that provides staff with time to get ready for next semester. Mostly, I just work on projects for office personnel and advisors, and sometimes if there's nothing else, I get to read or work on my own things. I've also been working at Urban over break. It's been crazy in our store with the holiday season, and especially around New Year's Eve since so many girls were looking for dresses! Things are settling down there again though, and my work days are more enjoyable again.

I've definitely been relaxing a lot too. Last week I was sick and basically bedridden, so I lounged like a champ. All day, everyday for at least three days. I felt like such a bum, but now that I've regained my health I've been combating the laziness with trips to the rec center and walks around the neighborhood with my roommate. I'm feeling revved up for the new semester because of being well rested and getting into the habit of working out.

And speaking of the new semester, I've been using spare time over winter break to get prepared and situated for the next semester. Two weeks ago I nailed down my absolute final schedule for spring, so I'll be taking Fundamentals of Management (MGMT 3001), Interior Design Studio II (IDES 1602), Multichannel Retailing (RM 2215), and Foundations of Color (GDES 1312). It's going to be an interesting, but tough semester. Today I plan on picking up my books and school supplies, and overall just organizing all things school related. I plan out cleaning out my laptop too just because I think getting stuff like that out of the way now will decrease distraction when school is in session.

Until next time,
Ashley Ochiagha
Interior Design