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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The World Around Us - Playground for Landscape Architects

The weekends during break have been very enjoyable for me. I have filled them by going ice fishing with friends and family, skiing at Lutsen Mountains and some preliminary internship searching. 393295_3001219913152_1341938026_33239949_368590846_n.jpg

As break comes to an end I'm thinking about everything I've done and how Landscape Architecture or Environmental Design is a part of it all. The lakes I fish are dependent upon a number of factors to ensure its health; nearby development, waste water runoff, water quality, etc. All of which I could have a part in as a Landscape Architect. The ski runs must all be graded to achieve the desired slope, there must be a pedestrian network to move people from place to place around the skiing resort and surrounding mountains. Again all of which can be completed by a Landscape Architect.

As you go about your day, look at the window. Chances are everything you see a Landscape Architect can have his or her hand in it one way or another. And no I'm not talking about your neighbors yard as you travel down your driveway! Think BIG, because Landscape Architecture can take you there!

Till next week everyone,

Eric Maass
Accelerated Bachelor of Environmental Design - May 2011
Master of Landscape Architecture - May 2013