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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The First Day

I realize that my readers are all anxiously awaiting the Tuesday after Labor Day to have their first day, but I wanted to share how excited I was about my last "first day" today.

The first week of classes is a thrill no matter whether it's your first or last semester. Obviously after one term, you've made friends that you try to stick with (I like to call them "Design Buddies," i.e., the people that mutually keep one another from having nervous breakdowns on occasion). On that first day of class, though, no matter who you're with, it's always fun to look at your syllabi and get excited about all of the new skills you'll be gaining.

I started my day with Advertising in Society today. It was a pretty small class at about 35 students. Then I spent four hours at work. Then I spent an hour and a half at the National Student Advertising Competition.


Nicholson Hall, where my Advertising and Society class is held.


Walter Library, where I work.


Relatively empty Campus Connector on the way to St. Paul.


Coming up to McNeal Hall for my evening portfolio class.

Finally, I got to the class I'd been waiting for all day: Graphic Design Portfolio. All I can say is that Greg Pickman is hands down the most useful, informative, and generous graphic design faculty member on the planet. He'll stretch and challenge you, but not to the breaking point. He's the most enthusiastic and helpful person I've ever learned from. He gives you crazy ideas and then helps you figure out how to execute them.

Best person to learn from. EVER. And he's an adjunct faculty member right here at the U of M.

Back to this notion about the first week being really exciting, though. In high school, you pack all the new stuff into one day and then it's done. In College, you can have a whole bunch of new things in a week depending on your schedule. For example, tomorrow I have a completely different class load: Ice Skating, Advanced Typography, and Magazine Editing and Production.

Plenty to be excited about. Two "first days" for the price of one.

Patrick Puckett
Graphic Design B.F.A.