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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Studio Recap

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Since I'm starting my final studio course tomorrow, I would like to recap on some past studio projects that I found interesting and fun. Beginning fall 2010, Studio I dealt with a community park in the Cedar-Riverside community. We had to design a park containing a community center, seating, and covered areas. After making some paper diagrams, we created plaster models. Working with plaster is beautiful, difficult, messy, and rewarding. It is an experience everyone should attempt. It allows a student to think about the negative space (creating the formwork) and material. The final product was a park made out of museum board and plaster.

Studio II was taught by an amazing professor, Nat Madson. His ability to create worthwhile assignments that were both rigorous and complex was impressive. For my favorite project, we were assigned certain categories. My category was Brading the Experience, a collection of taxidermied animals on the Isle of Wight in England. My mission was to design a museum on campus that would contain these animals. I focused on how the animals were displayed by creating a hallway with heads and a study room containing the rest of the animal's bodies. The museum was designed to be placed between the Recreation Center and Cooke Hall. During this project, I was able to experiment with acrylic, spray paint, and design.
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Being an architecture student at the University of Minnesota has allowed me to have fun, be creative, and learn about practical design. I'm excited to see what Studio IV brings.

Until next week,

Holly Engle
Architecture, B.S.