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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reporting back from Phoenix

artmuseum.jpgIf you followed me on Twitter (@HollyEngle) this past week, you will know a little bit about my voyage in Phoenix, AZ at the AIAS Forum 2011. Since our generation is going to face numerous challenges surrounding climate change, economy, and other issues, SOLUTIONS was this year's theme. Becoming more engaged and proactive are the first steps to changing the world, which I hope all of you want to do. The keynote speakers included Jeffrey Inaba, Teddy Cruz, David Zach, and Brad Lancaster. If you've never heard of any of these people, especially Brad Lancaster, please Google them or click on the hyperlinks. They are truly inspiring.

On the first day, December 29th, a group of us participated in the scavenger hunt around Phoenix. After taking pictures in front of fifteen great architectural hot spots, we ran back to the hotel to find out we were two minutes from winning! We might have lingered too long in the Phoenix Public Library. The structural system is quite impressive.

IMG_1661.JPGThe next day, we took a tour of Taliesin West, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. The tour consisted of the history of Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the architecture school. The students spend their summers in Spring Green, WI at Taliesin East and their winters in Arizona at Taliesin West. In Arizona, they are encouraged to build shelters in the desert. Poisonous scorpions and snakes? No thank you!

The rest of my trip was filled with Council of Presidents events and Elections Committee meetings. These were great things to be a part of because I learned more about the professional world, networked, and represented the University of Minnesota. Pro Tip: When nominated for a position, accept.

Thank you to the College of Design for providing AIAS with the resources to achieve our goals.

Until next week,

Holly Engle
Architecture, B.S.
AIAS-MN at the New Year's Eve Beaux Arts Ball
Theme: 1920's