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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So it's 2012 and one of my New Year's resolutions was to save money. I work two jobs, but it's crazy because I fly through money faster than I make it. This is mostly due to going out to eat far too often, shopping, and just not really managing my funds properly. Granted I pay rent and utilities, I should still have more money left over than I ever end up with. It's just my second year in college and my first year living in an apartment, but even so, it's about time I change my ways and form good habits for money management.

photo-1.jpegFor starters, I'm going to start investing more in groceries. Today my roommate and I went grocery shopping and each of us dropped quite a bit of cash, but at the end up the day, the money spent on groceries will go much farther than five dollar sandwiches and 10 dollar entrees. While grocery shopping, we also picked up a huge package of coffee grounds. I always find myself stopping for coffee and spending 2-5 bucks a day on my coffee. By buying the coffee grounds and making coffee at home instead, I think I'll save a bunch of money there.

LLASshowtitle.jpegEntertainment is essential in my book, but spending all my cash in order to have a good time simply isn't worth it. It's really nice because the U of M has a program called Live Like a Student Now So You Don't Have to Later (LLAS). On their website they have bits about financial advice, g ideas for what to do for fun and free (or super cheap), and you can even sign up for their mailing list to get emails containing tips, tricks, and updates.

Hopefully by cutting costs by grocery shopping more than going out to eat as well as doing things suggested by LLAS, I think I'll be able to save a hearty chunk of change. I'm so excited for this!

Ashley Ochiagha
Interior Design