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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Resources!

Winter break was an exciting time for the Office of Information Technology in the College of Design apparently, as they opened a new lab in McNeal Hall!

IMG_20120123_103210.jpg IMG_20120123_102714.jpg IMG_20120123_102729.jpg

CDes' new open lab in McNeal Hall!

I had the fortune of going down to visit this new lab the other day when I was working on an advanced typography assignment, and didn't realize the software I had at home wasn't compatible with the new software in the labs.

This probably sounds like a problem, but the fact that the College of Design keeps us up to date on industry-standard software is really great! I'm just at a point in my career that I don't want to buy Creative Suite 5.5 when I spent the money on Creative Suite 5 last fall.

Anyway, this new lab is really a great resource because the large format printing area is much more spacious now than it used to be. In addition to about a dozen iMac workstations, there are also a few open spaces in the desks with access to power strips and network cables where you can plug in your personal laptop to get a quick charge and internet!

One thing that used to be a big problem, especially for Graphic Design students, was that the printer in the lab wasn't color calibrated properly. Well, later this semester, they're going to have a color calibrated monitor set up in the new lab where we can preview the colors we'll be getting from the printer in order to avoid paying for print jobs that don't look as good as they should.

It's probably really geeky to be excited over a new computer lab, but I am anyway! Check out the CDes-IT post about the new lab at

Patrick Puckett
Graphic Design B.F.A.