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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

National Student Exchange

nse.jpgSo, a week or so ago, I went to an informational session for a program called "National Student Exchange". Similarly to study abroad programs, NSE is a program that gives students the opportunity to study at another college/university in the nation (or even Canada). Something especially cool about NSE is that a lot of the time you still get to pay the tuition of the U, even if it's cheaper than going to the school you decide on! I was looking at a few schools in various places, and chances are if I go at all, it will just be for one semester. I love the U of M and I love the Twin Cities, I'm not even sure I'll want to go anywhere else for an entire semester. But if I do, it's nice to know the U has my back and such programs exist to make experiences like this possible.

world_600w.jpegIn the next couple of weeks, I'm going to make sure I do some research on studying abroad, as in entirely out of the country. I want to compare my favorite schools from each option and make a decision based on what I find.

I know I have plenty of time because I probably won't leave until Spring 2014 in accordance with my 4-year gradation plan, but it's honestly never too early to start in on these things because it will only leave you with an advantage.

I'll let you know my thoughts when I've researched study abroad!

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