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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Much Ado about A Lot of Stuff

It's the third week of class, and I already think that this semester might be even more hectic than fall semester! And I thought I barely survived last time!

This past Wednesday, I was appointed the Art Director in my Magazine Editing and Production class. Basically what that means is that I'll be responsible for everything visual in the magazine--the design, assigning photography requests, finding art, and maintaining copyright info. It's going to be insane.

Also, I was recently appointed the Lead Designer of the National Student Advertising Competition here at the U of M. We had a lead designer, but due to some attendance issues, I'm the new guy! I'm very excited to step into this role. I will be helping to execute/mock up all of the ads we produce in our campaign, as well as designing the book that we have to turn in to the American Advertising Federation (AAF). I recruited one of my graphic design friends to help me with this project--my design buddy Lindsey.

Last week in Advanced Typography, we were creating books of different typographic layouts of a single letter. I had the letter O. All I could say was, "Challenge accepted." I'm really proud of the final result, and my classmates appreciated that I didn't back down from a seemingly boring letter!

Last update is that I'm trying to hash out what to put in my portfolio as I graduate. I'm working on this with the help of Greg Pickman (whom I mentioned a couple entries ago), and I also have an informational interview with an art director from the advertising agency I want to work at on Sunday. Hopefully I will be hard at work at that soon!

PS we just found out this week that the commenting feature wasn't working correctly on our blogs. I'd love to see some comments for things you'd like to hear about or see! This is for you, after all!

Graphic Design B.F.A.


My final assembled book for Advanced Typography. You can see it closer in this pdf.